Films perfectly depict how a boy starts passing notes to a girl in class. It happens so secretly and it is so innocent until the teacher find out and reads out the message in front of the class.

Today, I was in a similar situation where I wrote this note to a girl and got my friend Kiran to deliver it . It was all cool at first and I love my friend Kiran for being brave and bigging me up to the girl I mentioned in my other blog post. Now I am just waiting to see what this girl will say to me next. The note I passed to her through a middle woman is lingering in my mind because I have to wait until tomorrow to see what reaction I get from this girl.

The note had a meaningful message. It was truthful, honest and partially courageous. I honestly am freaking out because as a writer, notes are more powerful than spoken words. Words have dates and real presence compared to spoken word that is hard to prove and easily forgettable and unreliable unless recorded.

The essence of passing notes is the unbelievable rush of feelings you get when your personal notes are in the hands of someone else. I gave someone my personal notes today and the rush is far greater than ever before because I am still awaiting a reply.

Embrace notes and write everything down. It makes what you think and say more powerful.

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